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Steelhead and Trout Fishing in British Columbia

Steelhead fishing in the Fraser Valley is world class. Our area supports such numbers of Steelhead that fisherman travel from all over the world to fish for them. Famous rivers such as the Chiliwack, Chehalis, Stave, Coquihalla, and Pitt are right here in our area and we fish them all regularly. Our rivers receive a fair amount of fishing pressure and they have great hatchery programs and conservation practices in place that will continue to support wild Steelhead populations. Swiftwater Guiding fishes for Steelhead using conventional fishing techniques and fly fishing with single or double hand rods. Our guides have an intimate knowledge of the rivers that we fish and fish these rivers whether or not they are guiding. The best time to enjoy a day of Steelhead fishing in the Fraser Valley is between January and April with the best fly fishing occurring between February and May.

Steelhead Fishing Seminar

This type of seminar is for people who have never fished for Steelhead before. You will receive classroom style instruction and then one on one river instruction. Each individual will receive 12 hours of river instruction and 4 hours of classroom style instruction.

During the classroom instruction you will learn to set up your equipment and the most popular baits. You will learn which types of water Steelhead prefer, which type of water to target and how to approach these areas.

The next two days will involve a hike and wade style of fishing that will allow you to fish alongside your instructor while he guides you to the proper methods of drift fishing .You will have hands on experience learning to recognize good Steelhead water, fishing riffles, runs and boulder gardens.

Steelhead seminars are designed to give you the basics to becoming a Steelheader and although we often hook Steelhead during the seminar this is not the main goal. Swiftwater Guiding hosts these seminars regularly throughout the Steelhead season and limits the size of the groups so that each individual gets the best instruction possible.

Please give us a call to set up your seminar.

Swiftwater Wilderness Adventure

Swiftwater Guiding also has a few special rivers set aside for the ultimate wilderness fishing adventure. These rivers have some of the last completely wild populations of Steelhead, Dolly Varden Char, Cutthroat Trout and Rainbows, and are so remote that they only receive a few die hard fishermen. You would be lucky to see anyone over the period of a few days, as these rivers are only accessible by boat. The ride is incredible as you travel along one of British Columbia’s oldest gold route through the Lillooet river. You will travel in one of our fully-covered and heated jet boats up a small river through canyons and rapids as one of our guides take you through run after run of pristine river. You will want to bring your camera along for the scenery and wildlife, not to mention the beautiful fish…

To book your adventure or request rates call 1-604-852-0744


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