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Swiftwater Guiding Testimonials

"A truly fabulous fishing adventure on the Fraser River. Our guide was very knowledgeable, patient and cared about our experience, which made for a pleasurable day of catching sockeyes and springs. Looking forward to the next time."

-- Randy Douville from Abbotsford, BC

"To the staff of Swiftwater Guiding,

Over the last eight years our customers and vendors, employees, my father and myself from the Seattle, Washington are have reaped the rich benefits of the outstanding fishing on the Fraser River and its tributaries with Swiftwater Guiding. The endless and unmatched beauty of the Fraser Valley along with the many occasions where we filled out on our limits of fish have provided us with many lasting and wonderful memories.

The superior level of professionalism provided by the entire staff of your organization, from the outstanding B&B accommodations, the complete outfitting of equipment provided for each individual, the excellent quality of shore side lunches and most importantly the superior level of fishing expertise (how, where, when, what and why) by the guide personnel themselves is unequalled by any of the other guide services that we have used over the last 21 years of fishing both the salt water and fresh water fisheries throughout the Pacific Northwest region from Alaska, British Columbia, Washington, and on down to the southern coastal regions of Oregon. The superb and tireless effort always provided by the guide staff ahs proven highly fruitful on most every occasion, and even on those very rare days when the fishing may have started out somewhat slow your staff always has an effective back up plan to “fire up” the action.

We here with the CSC Exteriors Inc. connection have always felt very much in a “safe” environment while on the river with your staff. Our customers and vendors have made numerous favorable and much appreciated comments to this fact. We are now at the point of having to juggle the many requests for “repeat” trips with Swiftwater. Never enough trips!

As a business owner I have not found a more rewarding means of motivating my employees and establishing a lasting and highly favorable impression for our customers and vendors. And on another front, many of my US Marine Corps friends are getting the word on your organization – keep the cooler charged-up with that outstanding Canadian hospitality!

On a final note, I would like to express my most sincere appreciation to Heidi, Hans, Oliver, Thomas, and Chris for their endless warmth of home and the pure, wholesome pleasure of fishing you have provided my father and myself over these many years. There is no price to be put on the laughter, the photographs, and the memories of our many father and son getaways that we have shared with your staff on the Fraser River. At this point in his life, my father may not ever be able to return to partake of the fishing ventures in British Columbia, but his memories of these trips draws up wonderful conversation and smiles of the many pleasures he enjoyed while visiting and fishing with the Rutschmann family.”

-- Greg Freeman, CSC Exteriors, Lieutenant Colonel United States Marine Corps (retired)

"A fresh run of kings will be arriving soon. I need to be on your page as returning to hammer them. I recall my experience with you as very special and fully enjoyable! From my arrival to departure you made that experience rival years of “tight lines” throughout North America. One knows the rare occasion when a connection is made with warm, considerate folk that are genuinely interested in their client. How valuable is that? Thank you all and if I can ever offer endorsement for your guide service don’t hesitate documenting my opinion."

-- Keith Ackerlund from Seattle, WA

"Thank you for a great time fishing Saturday. Everyone enjoyed themselves and want to go again next year. You and Oliver were very professional and a lot of fun too. We took some great pictures to show off down here. Let me know what I need to do to get on your schedule for next July."

-- Dave Deitz from Seattle, WA

"It's Paolo Palitti (I did a charter with you and a group of Italians a few weeks ago). They had a great time; they said it was one of the highlights of their trip. Thanks for that!!!! In addition, can you please send me some pictures of that day I would love to have some? Once again thanks for an AWESOME day!!!!!!!"

-- Paolo Palitti

"Sheila and I had a wonderful time on and off the river with you. Thank you very much for your Hospitality. .Tight lines and thanks again!"

-- Stewart


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