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Sturgeon Fishing In British Columbia

The Fraser River is home to the world’s largest fresh-water game fish . . . the white Sturgeon. Fishing for Sturgeon is likely to be the "ultimate fishing experience" for even the most avid sport fishermen. Sturgeon can reach lengths of 12 feet long and tip the scales at well over 1000 pounds. Sturgeon are not only known for their incredible size but also for their fight, often making spectacular jumps and taking long reel screaming runs. Fisherman often claim that Fraser Sturgeon fight like a Marlin or Swordfish. A typical day of Sturgeon fishing will consist of three to eight fish and size is usually around the 4 to 8 foot range, although the possibility of getting a larger Sturgeon is great.

You will be fishing out of large comfortable river boats that are able to take you to wherever the Sturgeon are. We generally fish for Sturgeon on the mid stretches of the Fraser between Hope and Mission although throughout the season we will be offering Fraser Canyon adventures. Swiftwater Guiding fishes for Sturgeon almost year round with a slow period from December to March. April will begin to warm our waters up a bit and the Sturgeon will become more active with the warmer temperatures. We provide everything that you will need on your day of fishing.

May Sturgeon Fishing Adventure

The month of May presents one of the best times to target large Fraser River Sturgeon. Many of the Sturgeon begin to feed on an annual run of Eulachon which is a smelt like fish that migrates up the Fraser. During this time the Sturgeon get their first opportunity to feed heavily since the salmon runs of fall. Sturgeon take the baits with such aggressiveness that often it is impossible to get the rods out of the holders and the fish usually hooks itself. Many days we take over ten fish and there are days with as many as twenty hooked and released.

Summer Sturgeon Fishing Adventure

The summer months present some of the most enjoyable days of fishing one can find; warm weather, sunshine and great scenery while fishing. Our summer Sturgeon fishing is usually done in conjunction with Salmon fishing. Many days we are done fishing for the salmon and finish the day fishing for Sturgeon holding in the deep water stretches of the Fraser. Sturgeon fishing is very good during this time of year as the Sturgeon begin to feed heavily in preparation for the following winter. This is a great time of year for a family fishing adventure. The best times to enjoy the summer Sturgeon fishing are between June and September.

Fall Sturgeon fishing

Sturgeon fishing in the fall is one of our favorite times of the year and we look forward to it every season. Warm days, Cool nights and fall showing on the mountains makes this time of the season one of the most colorful and scenic seasons we fish. The fishing is fantastic. You will be able to enjoy watching eagles and see salmon jumping all around you as we set the lines in the water. The fish take with reckless abandon as they gorge on all the food the Fraser is flowing with. Many fisherman book months in advance to get the opportunity to fish this time of year. You will normally experience catching upwards of ten Sturgeon a day and most days we hook many more .

The fish at this time of the year are at their prime.  Healthy, heavy and very energetic, these Sturgeon are the hardest fighting of the year and because the water has not cooled down too much, often launch themselves clear out of the river in huge jumps and long blistering runs. This is definitely the time of the year that you will want to take your camera and video camera along. The best time to take part in this adventure is from mid October to the end of November.

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