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Salmon Fishing In British Columbia

Salmon fishing adventures are a daily routine for Swiftwater Guiding from June to November. British Columbia is world renown for its fantastic salmon fishing. Many anglers travel from around the world to take part in this amazing opportunity. The Fraser River is famous for its huge runs of pacific salmon and boasts all five species.

Swiftwater Guiding can take you fishing for Chinook Salmon, Sockeye Salmon, Coho Salmon, Pink Salmon and Chum Salmon. We are located only an hour away from the Fraser River mouth and the salmon we target are only in the river a few days .These fish are in their prime and chrome bright.

Sockeye Salmon (photo above)

Swiftwater Guiding targets salmon on many of our local rivers including the Vedder/Chiliwack, Harrison, Stave, Lillooet, Pitt, and naturally the Fraser main stem. Our salmon begin migrating up the Fraser River as early as May and well into November and the best fishing occurs between June and November.

Swiftwater Guiding is committed to providing our clients with the highest quality of Service and a unique fishing experience. We are able to boast a success rate of over 95% on our guided adventures. Many of our clients return year upon year to take part in our salmon season. Swiftwater Guiding provides all the equipment that you will need for your adventure including: waders ,boots, fishing equipment and lunches. Swiftwater Guiding also takes great care in making sure the salmon that you decide to take home are cared for in the best way possible. All salmon are cleaned, iced down immediately, and packaged for your travels home.

Chinook salmon

Chinooks /Kings Salmon are the largest salmon that the Fraser River has returning to it. Our Chinooks are famous for their amazing line spooling runs and endurance. The Fraser has Chinooks that can attain sizes over 70 pound. Last years' largest was 63 pounds and took over an hour to land. These salmon are unrivaled by their aggressiveness and willingness to crush baits and lures the best. Best times to target Chinooks is from June to November.

Chinook Salmon (photo above)

Sockeye Salmon

Sockeye Salmon are great fighters and are a blast on light gear. These silver bullets are famous for their acrobatics and jumps, and their ease to catch. Sockeye Salmon return to the Fraser with runs that are measured in the millions and are so plentiful that often times we hook more than one at once. Swiftwater Guiding often returns home with fisherman with weary arms due to fighting so many fish. Sockeye are some of the finest eating salmon you can catch if you decide to take a few home with you. The best time to fish for sockeye is from July to September and with the great weather at this time it makes a great family fishing adventure.

Coho Salmon

Coho Salmon are famous in the Fraser Valley and are one of the most challenging salmon to fish for. These Salmon are some of the most aggressive salmon available, often chasing lures right back to the boat. We target Coho with conventional fishing gear, casting spinners and spoons for them, or also with the fly rod. Fly fishing for Coho here in the Fraser is second to none, with many fisherman enjoying fantastic days of more than ten fish each. Our guides are all fly fisherman as well and we fish for Coho with both single and double handed rods. Whether you are fishing with conventional equipment or fly rods, our Coho are sure to please you with their aggressiveness and eagerness to chase down a fly or spoon. The best time to try for Coho is October and November.

Pink Salmon

Pink Salmon are some of the easiest of all the pacific salmon to catch and are a great fish to go after with the whole family .We target pinks with light spinning equipment and with the fly and it is not difficult to hook more than fifty in a day. This aggressive biter will Take just about anything you throw to them. Pinks are available in the Fraser River on odd years only and they return to the Fraser River during September and October in such numbers that you will often see schools of hundreds swim past the boat.

Chum Salmon

Chum Salmon are often caught when fishing for other salmon during the fall. Although they are often considered a nuisance by local fisherman these tough salmon are one of the greatest fighters there is. Chum Salmon are very easy to catch and provide unbelievable fights on light gear. This salmon is probably one of the most aggressive fish in the river and has accounted for more broken rods and spooled reels than any other!

They charge lures or swung flies with reckless abandon and produce violent strikes that often leave the fisherman struggling to get the rod out of the holder or hang on to the freight train they just hooked. These salmon return with such strong numbers that it is unavoidable to have multiple fish days with any method you choose to fish with. This is a great fish for the table, with their lean fat content and firm flesh, and are fabulous smoked. Chum Salmon are available from September to November.

Chum Salmon (photo above)

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