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Fraser River fishing Report April 9th, 2019

We have been out on the water for a few weeks already and the fishing has started to get good. The first Eulichons of the season are starting to migrate upriver and the sturgeon are actively feeding on them. We are seeing great results currently in the lower Fraser section that we fish at this time of the year. Most of our efforts have been focused on fishing from the mission bridge downstream. We have been primarily using lamprey, roe and eulichons for bait. Current average daily catches have been between 7-14 fish and as we get closer to may we should see the numbers increase a bit. If you need more information on any of the other fisheries we participate in check out our main website reports page at

Fishing Report March 9th, 2019

The Fraser river is starting to perk up and the fishing is getting better each day. The fish are slowly starting to feed and the water is warming up a bit. This is the time of year we really start to get excited to get out and do some fishing. Nice weather is forecasted to come this week and it will really signal the beginning of our sturgeon fishing season. We will start guiding on the 1st of April this season. This is typically one of the best times of the year to fish for sturgeon because of the eulachons run. The sturgeon will feed heavily on these baitfish as they migrate into the river. Fishing will be fantastic from the first week of April until the last week of May for this early Portion of the season. We still have some great dates available for sturgeon fishing at this time of year and will be booking for full and half day trips. If you want to get on our calendar for this timeframe give us a call at 1-604-852-0744 0r send us an email at

Swiftwater Guiding Fishing Report.

Fraser River

The Fraser river is currently fishing very well for sturgeon right now, we are just starting to see the sturgeon feed, The fish are very hungry right now because they have basically hibernated all winter and the river is just starting to warm up in temperature kicking these fishes metabolism up. The fish we have seen this week have been very healthy. As we get on with the month of April we will begin to find more fish in the upper river above mission as well as many fish will begin chasing the eulachon up the river. This will only get better as the fish feed heavily right into June before the river rises to its flood stages with snow melt.

Vedder River

The Vedder/Chiliwack River is fishing extremely well right now. The steelhead fishery is at its peak with fish through the entire system and new fish entering daily. The best fishing for us has been mid river to upper with less pressure in those areas due to us getting away from the crowds a bit. Bait has been extremely good right now although a close second would be blades and rubber worms. We also do fly fishing for these winter fish if you are looking for that we are able to accommodate you with either single or double handed rods. This week has been one of the best we have seen on the river so if you want to try steelhead fishing now is the time to do it


Harrison River

The Harrison is fishing fairly well right now although we have not been out for a few days on this system. A few of our trusted friends have reported some very good trout fishing right now and some great action on the fly. This is a very unique system that supports trout all year long although this is the best time to get lots of fish a day. Best flies right now have been sockeye fry patterns.

Salmon Outlook for 2019

This season is going to see challenging opportunities for salmon fishing. We will possibly get an opening for Chinooks around the 23rd of august. We will advise guests as we know more.


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