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Fly Fishing In British Columbia

Fly fishing in British Columbia is steeped in tradition and beauty, the pioneers of this sport originally settled in this province to explore British Columbia’s rich and diverse sport fishing opportunities. Many never left, leaving legacies and forging the path for today’s fisherman. Although the fishing has changed and the landscape is different, the rugged beauty is still the same.

Swiftwater Guiding has some of the best rivers in our area reserved for fly fishing enthusiasts, some of our rivers receive Salmon runs of thousands and have great fly fishing for all five species of pacific salmon. We are fortunate to have steelhead, sea run Dolly Varden, wild rainbows, wild cutthroat trout and mountain whitefish all of which are great in their own right and many times all are found at the same time.

Swiftwater Guiding starts fly fishing as early as January chasing large wild Rainbows and cutthroat trout in the Lillooet River. These trout are actively feeding on the last salmon eggs of the season and are at their prime after gorging all fall on salmon eggs and flesh. We target these fish dead drifting and swinging small attractor patterns, glo bugs and small nymphs.

With the beginnings of spring nearing and our waters warming up we begin to focus more of our attention to swinging flies for steelhead. Our steelheads have an affliction for intruder style flies and they slam them with authority. Its one of the reasons most winter steelhead fisherman are out braving the often cooler weather. We predominantly fish double handed rods for our steelhead but if you want you can target them with a single hander as well. The best time for steelhead fishing is from February to the end of May. During the month of May most of our rivers are open to fly fishing only, this is a great time of year as we see less people on the river and we get great weather.

As summer approaches we focus more on the salmon that begin to migrate back to our rivers. All the rivers we fish receive all five species and they are available any time from July to November. If you have never fished for salmon on the fly you would be best to venture to B.C. during the month of October as this is the month that all five pacific salmon are present in the river. This gives the angler the thrill of fighting many fish and never really certain what it is until is near the hand. The fall is the best time for the novice fisherman to come and enjoy casting for salmon as the fishing is easy and the fish are aggressive.

All of our fly fishing adventures are put together with care and respect towards our customers and each group is unique. We provide all equipment necessary for your adventure and always ensure quality equipment. We use only the best equipment and custom tie our own flies to maintain excellence and consistent quality. If you would like to put together a package please feel free to call or email us and we will create the adventure you want.

To book your adventure or request rates call 1-604-852-0744


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